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Climate Litigation

Climate protection is a human right

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Dried up water hole with small plants in Kenya

We protect the right to a liveable planet.

The inaction of governments and political decision-makers is unacceptable, in view of the impending threat of a climate crisis – and is also unjust. We see climate court action as a means of holding governments and companies to account, as well as defending the rights of future generations and people already affected by climate change today.

After all, combatting climate change is a legal obligation

In 2018, Protect the Planet initiated the People’s Climate Case, where families from various European countries, Kenya and Fiji put their case to the European Court of Justice. Even though the decision of the court went against the plaintiffs, the case paved the way for the historic decision of the German Constitutional Court in 2021 on the German Constitutional Complaint against the Climate Protection Act of the German Federal Government, which we supported to a significant degree. The German Constitutional Court declared parts of the Climate Protection Act of the German Federal Government to be unconstitutional and, for the first time, also emphasised the rights of future generations in the wording of its ruling.

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Our vision:

To stop the climate

We help prevent the climate catastrophe and make our planet just and liveable.

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