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Protect the Planet
Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of Protect the Planet consists of the three co-founders of Protect the Planet. It advises and supervises the executive direction of the group and offers valuable impetus to our work.

Dorothea Sick-Thies

Founder and shareholder of Protect the Planet

Supervisory Board member of Sick AG

Founder of the Dorothea-Laura-Janina-Sick-Environmental Foundation

Carl-A. Fechner

Co-founder of Protect the Planet

Journalist and film maker (FechnerMedia)

Markus Gohr

Co-founder and CEO of Protect the Planet for many years

Board member of the Dorothea-Laura-Janina-Sick Environmental Foundation

What we do

Staying active

  • Protect the Planet lobbies on a daily basis to make protection of the earth and preservation of a liveable world for current and future generations the most important social and global task of all.
  • Protect the Planet advocates for peaceful and sustainable energy transformation and 100% climate-neutral lifestyle and business practices – right now!
  • We network with NGOs, government, industry and civilian groups, for we can only combat climate change by working together.
  • We inform and influence the formation of social, political and media opinion.
  • We run our own campaigns and promote the climate change mitigation projects of our partners through education, expertise and tangible and intangible aids.
  • Protect the Planet lobbies for more political resolve and responsibility for the environment and against the might of the fossil-fuel and nuclear energy industry.
  • Protect the Planet is an independent, non-partisan group of people living by the values of human decency, justice, democracy and sustainability.

Current events

Our series of informative events cover a broad range of issues on all aspects of the environment and nature preservation, climate crisis, energy and mobility trends and sustainable lifestyles.

Many different experts provide in-depth analysis of the burning questions of our time, as we explore how to live a climate-friendly life.

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Our vision:

To stop the climate

We help prevent the climate catastrophe and make our planet just and liveable.