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Our projects

Our resolute projects are designed to help avert a complete climate catastrophe and make our planet a liveable world. We have identified the key levers we can use to make our vision a reality. Find out here which of our projects are currently underway and the success we have already achieved on past projects.

Climate Litigation

We protect the right to a liveable planet. The inaction of governments and political decision-makers is unacceptable, in view of

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Corporate Climate Action

We initiated “Unternehmen Klimaschutz”, the Corporate Climate Action project, to encourage companies to reduce their carbon emissions and use their

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Climate Referenda

Our bottom-up approach to climate change. The climate crisis affects people, those affected as well as those causing it, in

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Protect the Planet at United Nations climate conferences. It has proved very worthwhile for us to be present at climate

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Our vision:

To stop the climate

We help prevent the climate catastrophe and make our planet just and liveable.

Current events

Our series of informative events cover a broad range of issues on all aspects of the environment and nature preservation, climate crisis, energy and mobility trends and sustainable lifestyles.

Many different experts provide in-depth analysis of the burning questions of our time, as we explore how to live a climate-friendly life.

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