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The non-profit organization Protect the Planet was founded by entrepreneur Dorothea Sick-Thies, filmmaker Carl-A. Fechner and networker Markus Gohr. Therefore, our understanding of environmental protection ranges from philanthropy to practical experience – we take active steps to protect the environment!

Dear Readers,

Man-made climate change is a scientifically proven fact, as are the direct connections to its destructive consequences. If humanity does not immediately and consistently make fundamental changes, neither Germany, the EU nor the international community of states will manage to achieve their own goals under the Paris Climate Convention of 2015 – with devastating consequences: The earth will heat up faster and more and we will push the planet into a climate catastrophe with our eyes wide open.

This is, what Protect the Planet wants to prevent. With heart and mind, with commitment and influence as well as with our partners and supporters – and together with you!

Although the climate facts have been known for decades and scientists around the globe inform, appeal and warn on a daily basis, at the same time monstrosities are happening in business and politics. One example: EU subsidies of 137 billion euros, for fossil fuels alone, are as high as the entire EU budget for 2019 – a madness! Lobbyists in Berlin and Brussels spread false information and influence political decision-makers in order to delay real changes for climate protection as long as possible. Unfortunately, with success, as the so-called German “coal exit law” shows, which allows power plant operation until 2038. This is far too late, irresponsible and leaves me stunned.

We have to consequently expand renewable energies, tax CO₂ appropriately at around € 160/t and promote green technologies. The solutions have long been on the table. As a mother of two daughters, it is not at least my natural instinct to do everything humanly possible to leave our children and grandchildren a future on a planet worth living on.

In this way, we promote like-minded organizations and movements, invite new alliances and seek ways to strengthen each other. And again, and again, we make ourselves strong for 100% renewable energies, in discussions with entrepreneurs and political decision-makers, through investments and cooperation in pioneering energy projects. Be a part of it!

The times of whitewashing are over. Climate policy must become much louder, more determined and more radical. We must act. Now!


Dorothea Sick-Thies
Entrepreneur & Founder Protect the Planet

  • Protect the Planet is involved daily in protecting the earth and preserving an environment worth living in for present and future generations as the most important social and global task of all.

  • Protect the Planet promotes the peaceful and sustainable energy revolution and demands 100% climate-neutral living and business – now!

  • We connect NGOs, politics, business and civil society, because we can only reduce climate change together.

  • We inform and influence the formation of social, political and media opinion.

  • We realize our own campaigns and support climate protection projects of our partners through education, know-how, material and immaterial means.

  • Protect the Planet fights for more political-ecological determination and responsibility as well as against the lobby of fossil and nuclear energy.

  • Protect the Planet is independent, non-party and lives the values of humanity, justice, democracy and sustainability.

Pictures, that are moving

How does Protect the Planet operate? Who are the initiators? Why is there no other alternative to the energy revolution? How can you participate? In our video, you can learn all you need to know about our organization in three minutes.

“With fossil energy sources we simply destroy our earth.
We don’t need no more empty promises, we need action.

Dorothea Sick-Thies, Entrepreneur and Founder of Protect the Planet

“Protect the Planet stands for the transformation of the world’s energy
supply to a decentralised system based on 100% renewable energy.”

Carl-A. Fechner, Filmmaker and Founder of Protect the Planet

“There are so many alternatives and smart opportunities
to stop this fossil fuel nonsense.”

Markus Gohr, Networker and Founder of Protect the Planet

“We need an ecological change in society, politics and economy,
in order to cope with the climate crisis together as fast as possible.”

Dr. Martin Köppel, Mediator and Managing Director of Protect the Planet

“We have to leave a liveable environment and biodiversity to future generations
and for this we need to act and live immediately 100% sustainable and climate-neutrally.”

Markus Raschke, Climate Activist and Project Consultant of Protect the Planet

“Each one of us is able and obliged to make a contribution to a sustainable life –
even if this seems to be a small step. Because only together we can face this challenge.”

Eilyn Kadow, Bicycle Activist and Team Assistant of Protect the Planet

From talking to action:
Protect the Planet activities

Climate Lawsuite


Campaigning School


Coal Exit


Future Talks


News from the Planet

In our Info-Blog you will find current news, interesting facts, background information on climate change and the energy turnaround as well as tips and tricks for a more sustainable life. Your suggestions and comments are welcome!


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Our “Quarterly Report” on the State of the Planet provides news and background information on environmental protection and nature conservation, climate change, energy transition, society, NGOs and politics. Personally, by Dorothea Sick-Thies and the team of Protect the Planet.


Together we can achieve more

The energy revolution and the fight for more climate protection needs a strong common voice. That is why Protect the Planet supports NGOs, bundles forces, uses synergies, and brings together actors in the energy transition in a strong partner network.

Since 2016, our annual NGO workshop brings together leading experts from the environmental movement to discuss the most important issues of our time.


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