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"Unternehmen Klimaschutz" – Corporate Climate Action

Das Ortsschild von Lützerath

Companies standing up for climate protection and in solidarity with the climate movement

We initiated “Unternehmen Klimaschutz”, the Corporate Climate Action project, to encourage companies to reduce their CO2 emissions and use their influence on politicians and the public to make change happen. Many companies are already taking serious action towards climate justice. Instead of greenwashing or empty promises, they lead the way by good example and promote meaningful action on climate change.

Industry has a key impact on our greenhouse gas emissions – so rapid reduction in this area is essential. In addition, key players of our industry have enormous power at their disposal. Ambitious climate policies can be substantially curtailed – or indeed accentuated – by influential commercial lobbies. We want to use this commercial influence in a positive way and accelerate the process of reducing greenhouse emissions. We help companies find ways to reduce their CO2 emissions and provide them with practical and critical support.

As part of “Unternehmen Klimaschutz”, exemplary companies stand side by side with civilian action groups. They serve to illustrate to other companies just what can be achieved and also influence our politicians in their decision-making.

We put this theory into practice over two phases of the project in Lützerath. Climate-conscious companies travelled to Lützerath in the autumn of 2021 and in January 2023 to meet with activists on the ground and stand in solidarity with their concerns. For it was already abundantly clear in 2021 that the coal underneath Lützerath must stay in the ground in order for Germany to meet its 1.5-degree target.

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