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Dear readers,

Dorothea Sick-Thies

Dorothea Sick-Thies, entrepreneur and founder of Protect the Planet

Human-induced climate change is a scientifically established fact and there is an equally clear link to its devastating consequences. If the world does not make immediate and lasting changes to the fundamental way we live, neither Germany nor the EU or the international community of nations, will be able to achieve the goals they signed up for under the Paris Agreement of 2015 – with horrendous consequences: the earth will heat up faster and further as we drive the planet to the wall, with our eyes wide open, to a complete climate catastrophe.

We at Protect the Planet want to prevent this, with heart and mind, with our personal commitment and public influence and with all our partners and supporters – including you!

Although the facts of climate change have been known for decades and scientists all over the globe inform, implore and warn us about it on a daily basis, horrendous things keep happening at the same time in industry and government. For example, the EU subsidies totalling 137 billion euros for fossil-fuelled energy sources alone,are as high as the entire EU budget for 2019 – complete madness! Lobbyists in Berlin und Brussels are spreading false information and influencing political decision-makers to delay any real change to curb the climate crisis for as long as possible. Sadly they are also succeeding, as is evident from the so-called German “Exit from Coal Law”, which allows coal-fired power stations to continue running until 2038. That is far too late, irresponsible and incomprehensible to me.

We must continue to expand our renewable energy capacity, appropriately tax CO₂ emissions at around € 160/t and incentivise green technologies. The solutions are obvious and already open to us. As the mother of two daughters, it is my natural instinct to do everything humanly possible to leave our children and grandchildren a future on a liveable planet.

So we invite and encourage like-minded organisations and movements to form bold new alliances and find ways to stand in solidarity with one another. And we will keep campaigning for 100% renewables in our talks with companies and political decision-makers, and by investing in and collaborating on energy projects with a pioneering spirit.. Do join us!

The time for euphemisms and soft-soaping is over. Our climate policy needs to be much louder, more determined and more radical. We must act. Now!


Dorothea Sick-Thies
Entrepreneur & founder of Protect the Planet

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  • Protect the Planet lobbies on a daily basis to make protection of the earth and preservation of a liveable world for current and future generations the most important social and global task of all.
  • Protect the Planet advocates for peaceful and sustainable energy transformation and 100 % climate-neutral lifestyle and business practices – right now!
  • We network with NGOs, government, industry and civilian groups, for we can only combat climate change by working together.
  • We inform and influence the formation of social, political and media opinion.
  • We run our own campaigns and promote the climate change mitigation projects of our partners through education, expertise and tangible and intangible aids.
  • Protect the Planet lobbies for more political resolve and responsibility for the environment and against the might of the fossil-fuel and nuclear energy industry.
  • Protect the Planet is an independent, non-partisan group of people living by the values of human decency, justice, democracy and sustainability.

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