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Action 2023: Leave the coal in the ground

In January 2023, the Corporate Climate Action alliance met up again in Lützerath to demonstrate for an exit from lignite and a switch to sustainable industry. This alliance of entrepreneurs set up by Protect the Planet in 2021 shows that many companies are already making serious efforts to combat climate change and are even prepared to take to the streets. It is clear to them that our economy and ecology must go hand-in-hand and that good money can (and must!) be made in business without destroying the planet or endangering the climate.

Action 2021: Lützerath must stay

In 2021, under the motto “Corporate Climate Action”, Protect the Planet formed a pro-active alliance of business people. The entrepreneurs of this group demonstrate that they too demand adherence to the 1.5 target and are even prepared to take to the streets with concrete action.