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People’s Petition to “Keep the City Green”

Green spaces are the “lungs of the city” – and urgency is required to save and maintain them in the face of ongoing global warming, heatwaves and extreme drought conditions. In addition, these green spaces are increasingly sacrificed for the profit of investors or to address the housing shortage – at the cost of our environment, climate and the quality of urban life. This is why we campaigned in Munich in particular for de-sealing and the retention of green spaces and woodland areas: ultimately succeeding with the People’s Petition “Keep the City Green”.

Save the Bees

Great success with the people’s petition to retain biodiversity and natural beauty in Bavaria The biggest threat to humanity, apart from the climate crisis, is the decline in biodiversity. The […]

Stop using hard coal

The burning of coal is the most environmentally harmful form of energy generation and makes a significant contribution to climate change. Coal emissions are known to be damaging to human health, as they cause illnesses and lead to premature death. While there has been much discussion nationwide about the urgent need to exit from lignite coal mining, the burning question in Munich was how to close down the hard-coal-fired power plant HKW Nord.