Education and training program for 
change makers

How can we effectively advance social transformation? How can we ensure that the sustainable management of our planet will receive even more attention in the future? We want to support today those who will help shape tomorrow!

With the development of a systematic education and training program for campaigners, we want to create a professional educational basis for those who want to take on responsibility in NGOs, initiatives, clubs and associations and reach out to people in the future.

Campaigner influence decisions of political, economic and journalistic systems to support the civil society. They mobilize people for protests, provide information, lobby and guide public debate.

This activity is highly specialized – but there is no training to learn the necessary “craft” directly. The training of young professionals has so far taken place “on the job” – in their own organization – or through courses in related fields.

At our first NGO workshop in 2016, the idea of developing an independent campaigner training was born. The Campaigning School has been a reality since June 2020.

Please visit the training program here