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Legal report: Climate protection duties for companies

Large companies are already obliged under German law to align their business models with the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement. Unnoticed by large parts of the economy to date, there are already tangible climate-related obligations that force companies to act. This is the conclusion of a legal report published by the Hamburg law firm Günther, which was commissioned by the Sick Environmental Foundation together with the environmental organizations Germanwatch and Protect the Planet.

German Constitutional Complaint

The German Federal Government was deemed to be inadequately protecting the rights of future generations. In 2021, in an historic ruling, the German Constitutional Court identified parts of the Climate Protection Act of 2019 as unconstitutional. Nine young people had petitioned the court in the lead-up to this ruling.

People’s Climate Case

The real repercussions of climate change are already tangible – from Fiji to Langeoog. Ten families from Europe and from developing and emerging nations, who are all affected by the climate crisis, took their case to the Court of the European Union in 2018. They claimed the EU climate goals for 2030 were insufficient to avert the dangerous consequences of climate change, and therefore violated the basic human rights of the plaintiffs.