Coal exit

Successful referendum:
Stop the Munich coal-fired power plant!

The HKW Nord coal-fired power plant causes more CO2 emissions every year than all cars and trucks in Munich combined and should remain in operation until 2035. The power plant burns 800,000 tons of hard coal annually, releasing toxic emissions including mercury. In addition, 40 % of the imported coal is shipped from the Czech Republic and 60 % from North America and Russia. 

Protect the Planet has intensively supported the citizens’ petition “Get out of coal” on many levels as to insure an earlier shutdown of the coal-fired power plant. While using the structures of our network a considerable number of additional supporters and fellow combatants could be won.

Even if it took great efforts, the rejoicing after the successful referendum was even greater.
With a list of unexpected successes:

  • More than 50,000 signatures were collected for the citizens’ petition “Get out of the hard coal.
  • On 5 November 2017, the citizens of Munich voted for an earlier shutdown of the coal-fired power plant.
  • A majority of 60.2 percent of the voters were in favour of a premature coal phase-out by 2022.
  • In some city districts, the initiative even reached more than 70 percent.
  • After the city council had briefly decided in July 2019 to allow the power plant to continue to run until 2028 it decided to withdraw after due to a widespread public protest of the citizens’ movement. The ÖDP party and Protect the Planet are pleased that the SPD and the mayor accepted to fulfil their responsibility and to respect the citizens’ decision.
  • The TÜV will now determine the most environmentally friendly exit scenario in a rapid advice by October 2019.

And now it continues in Hamburg: Support the Hamburg popular initiative “Bye bye Coal“: