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Education and training program for change makers

How can we effectively advance social transformation? How can we ensure that the sustainable management of our planet receives even more attention in the future? We want to support those today who will help shape tomorrow! With the development of a systematic education and training programme for campaigners, we want to create a professional educational basis for those who want to take responsibility for NGOs, initiatives and non-profit associations in the future and reach out to people.

Campaigner influence decisions of political, economic and journalistic systems to support the civil society. They mobilise people for protests, provide informations, lobby and direct public debate. This activity is highly specialised – but there is no training to learn the necessary “craft” directly. The training of young professionals has so far taken place “on the job” – in their own organisation – or through courses in related fields.

With the development and implementation of a systematic education and training programme for campaigners, Protect the Planet aims to sustainably strengthen the communication work of NGOs across sectors. So far, campaigning cannot be professionally learned or studied anywhere in Germany and it is difficult to start a career – although the demand is constantly rising. In addition, there is a lack of cross-NGO exchange, diversity, transparency and further development for this socially so important “vocation”. We are getting the campaigners on their way to training, providing the start-up capital and will start the first pilot training course in spring 2020.

We are currently planning a 12-month training course for campaigners, the first step of which will be implemented in groups of 20 people per year. In the sense of a practical and dual training concept, each participant should work in parallel in a practical field with at least 10 hours per week. The training modules consist of presence workshops and online modules. The aim is to provide the trainees with a foundation in terms of content – from political analysis and strategy development to agile project management – for their professional activities as campaigners. In addition to the continuous exchange between the trainees, the focus is also on personal coaching and the practical applicability of what has been learned in the respective NGO organisation. In addition, an alumni network is to be established to ensure the exchange of knowledge and experience among the campaigners after successful training.

In principle, anyone interested in the training programme can apply if they can prove that they have the relevant field of practice for dual initial and continuing vocational training. The costs must be borne by the participant or his/her employer. However, the financial support of Protect the Planet and other partner organizations also provides scholarships.

Dear readers

More and more people are organizing public and political campaigns for NGOs on a full-time basis, thereby significantly stimulating social debates. This work is of elementary importance for the democratic discourse and the common goal to keep our earth in a livable condition for our children and grandchildren. With Dr. Günter Metzges-Diez, we have found a mentor in the conception of the campaigner training program who could hardly be more ideal. Günter Metzges-Diez has worked on the board of Campact for the last few years and is one of the co-founders of the successful campaign network. 

Campact’s campaigns are instrumental in promoting social, ecological and democratic progress with over 1.9 million supporters and “comrades-in-arms”. With Günter Metzges-Diez we have been able to lay more than a solid foundation for the conceptual and content design of the training program.


Dorothea Sick-Thies

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