World’s first commercial carbon-capture plant

The world’s first commercial carbon-capture plant has begun operating in Hinwil, Switzerland (near Zurich). In this plant, carbon dioxide is extracted from the air and transferred to a nearby vegetable farm, where it is used as a greenhouse fertiliser. 18 collectors continually suck in the ambient air and filter out the carbon dioxide. It is then released by the [...]


Lörrach on the way to climate neutrality

In 2007, the City of Lörrach was the first municipality in Baden Württemberg to win the Silver European Energy Award (eea), and in 2010 it went a step further to take the European Energy GOLD Award. That gold medal feat was successfully repeated by Lörrach in 2013, which made it the first city in Baden-Wuerttemberg, to twice win the [...]


Germany’s first floating solar power plant

In the Bavarian town of Eggelstetten in Northern Swabia, Germany’s first floating solar power plant is being erected on a gravel-pit pond. This project is the first of its kind in the Federal Republic of Germany and could be the model for many subsequent projects, for there is no lack of man-made lakes and other suitable waterways in this [...]


Scottish Isle of Eigg achieves energy self-sufficiency with wind, sun and water

Eigg is one of the Inner Hebrides, an island group in the north west of Scotland. There are fewer than 100 people living on this 30-square-km island. But the trend is rising, which cannot be said about any of the other Hebridean islands. Twenty years ago, the residents of Eigg purchased the land on which they live and have [...]


Austria produces renewable gas from sun and wind

In a world-first research project, renewable natural gas is being produced in Austria from solar and wind power. The process has many benefits: CO2 binding, storage of solar and wind power and the ability to use the existing natural gas infrastructure – plus a production period of just a few weeks, compared to millions of years when nature is [...]


Partial success: Bayern LB stops further financing of the Dakota pipeline

Following protests from environmental and human rights activists, Bayern LB has announced it will provide no further funds to finance the controversial pipeline in North Dakota. This is seen as at least a partial success, since its previous investment of around 120 million euros will remain in place. The Dakota pipeline runs through Sioux ancestral land and work on [...]


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